And the winners of the inaugural 2022 O’Reilly Awards are…

(Drumroll, please)

What an amazing turnout! Each entry for the 2022 O’Reilly Awards told an inspiring story about putting the O’Reilly learning platform to work for their organization. Rest assured that determining winners was no easy task for our panel of judges.

Congratulations to all our winners, and a huge thank you to every organization that submitted their entry for the inaugural O’Reilly Awards.

Most Effective User Onboarding Program

The judges looked for interesting engagement strategies that quickly got users active on the platform, novel internal communications approaches, and other ideas that helped drive early adoption of O’Reilly within their organization.



What made Maersk stand out to the judges:

Maersk introduced SSO and created a bot; this reduced activation cycle time from 5 days to 60 seconds. Employees can now get instant access; this speeds up time to access learning and start being productive.



Best in Skills Transformation

Judges looked for how teams leveraged O’Reilly en masse to drive a skills transformation across their organization, whether they were migrating to the cloud, adopting AI, or ensuring security is baked into all of their organization’s products. How did they engage their teams, how did O’Reilly help, and what was the end result?



What made Tavant stand out to the judges:

A clear four-step process to upskill employees in key technologies: cloud, big data, etc. Tavant excelled in creating learning journeys for career progression and building new competencies.



Interactive Learning Champion

We’re strong believers that the most effective learning is done by doing. That’s why we introduced interactive learning in 2019. Organizations that entered this category shared how they drove adoption for their teams to build skills in a hands-on manner using O’Reilly’s labs and sandboxes.



What made eSentire stand out to the judges:

By leveraging labs and sandboxes, eSentire was able to quickly and effectively upskill its staff to take on the ever-changing challenges faced in the cybersecurity space—empowering teams to learn by doing.


Macquarie Group, Technology division

O’Reilly’s Choice

We know everyone likely has a very different approach to learning within their organization. So for the coveted O’Reilly’s Choice award, the judges looked for interesting stories about leveraging the learning platform in innovative ways that helped drive material business outcomes.



What made ANZ stand out to the judges:

The innovative virtual aviation-themed website received over 24,000 visits, with 7,000 registrations to secure tickets to a series of learning themed ‘flights.’ The outcome was significant, ramping up learning and technical know-how in a positive and social way.



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