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How Slack rearchitected its system to achieve zero downtime and improve latency, reliability and availability

By Bing Wei

In 2016, Slack faced a problem: the load on its backend servers had increased by 1,000x. Bing Wei explains how rearchitecting the system with lazy loading, a publish/subscribe model, and an ...

Case Study: How Pinterest Built a Stream Processing Platform with Apache Flink

By Chen Qin

Facing rapid growth and competition in its online business, Pinterest had to evolve its data stack from offline-only ETL batch jobs to near-real-time big data applications. But stateful stream processing is ...

Case Study: How Honeycomb used Serverless to Speed Up Its Servers

By Jessica Kerr

At Honeycomb, customers send lots of data and then compose complex, ad hoc queries. Most are simple, some are not, and some are really not. The load is complex, spontaneous, and ...

Case Study: How Indeed uses the FOSS Contributor Fund to Sustain Critical Open Source Dependencies

By Duane O’Brien

As companies deploy products that depend on free and open source software (FOSS), corporate funding has become both essential and complex. To sustain the open source community, companies need to build ...

Case Study: How Thoughtworks and Open GI used four key metrics to succeed with their digital transformation

By Andrew Harmel-Law

When Open GI transitioned one of its flagship products to an Azure-based SaaS offering, the work involved organizational redesign, developer upskilling, and architectural transformation. Key to tracking and continually improving all ...

How Spotify uses machine learning to personalize the user experience

By Mounia Lalmas

Understanding user listening behavior is essential for personalizing music listening experiences on Spotify. Mounia Lalmas explains how Spotify uses machine learning recommenders that take into account what and how users consume ...