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July 27 & 28, 2023

Certified AWS Developer Associate (DVA-C02) Crash Course

Presented by Nick Garner

Prepare for the All-New AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Get a complete overview of the all-new AWS Developer Associate objectives Focus on the objectives and skills that matter most Learn best ...

July 5, 12, 19 & 26, 2023

Backend (Web) Development in 4 Weeks

Presented by Tamas Piros

Modern backend applications often use REST APIs and other services. These APIs allow frontend applications (and service consumers) to fetch data and display it as part of a web application. REST ...

August 10 & 11, 2023

AWS core architecture concepts

Presented by Mark Wilkins

Prepare for the Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect - Associate certification Understanding the fundamentals of properly architecting solutions in the AWS cloud empowers you to design effective, scalable, and secure solutions. ...

August 17, 2023

AWS Command Line Essentials

Presented by Mark Wilkins

AWS administrators need to understand how to perform everyday administration using the AWS command-line interface (CLI) in the AWS cloud. Join expert Mark Wilkins to learn how to use the CLI ...

September 11, 2023

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Prep Session

Presented by Mark Wilkins

How to prepare for the AWS Architect Associate exam certification Certification can be a valuable distinguishing feature for your resume, and if you’re looking for credibility as an AWS professional, there’s ...

September 6, 2023

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Crash Course

Presented by Michael Shannon

Survey of AWS Security Features If you’re working on AWS and cloud projects, security should be one of your highest priorities. One benefit to using AWS is that it allows you ...