Timely Refer a Friend

$50 for you, $50 for your friend

We’re super excited to roll out our Timely Refer a Friend Program. It’s our little way of saying ‘you rock!’ to our fantastic customers like you. You’ve been with us, you’ve seen the value we bring, and we think it’s time you share that with others. And hey, why not get a little something for it?

So here’s the deal: you refer businesses to Timely, they sign up for five seats or more, and boom - a $50 Amazon gift card lands in your inbox and your friend’s. It’s like a surprise party in your email!

But it’s not just about the rewards - it’s about sharing the coolness of automatic AI-powered time tracking with other businesses. It’s a win-win situation where you get to earn rewards and help others discover the magic of Timely. You’re not just referring a friend, you’re helping them step into a world of effortless time tracking. It’s like sharing a secret recipe!

So, what are you waiting for? Start referring today and let’s get this party started! We can’t wait to send those rewards your way! It’s like a game, and the prize? Well, it’s pretty awesome!
Remember, this is more than just a program. It’s our way of giving a big ‘high five’ to you for being a part of the Timely family and for helping us grow.

We’re stoked to have you with us. You’re not just a customer, you’re a part of the Timely family, and families help each other grow!

So, who’s the lucky friend you’re referring? Fill in their details and yours, and let’s get this show on the road! It’s like setting off on a journey, and we’re excited to see where it takes us!

Terms and conditions

  • To be eligible for the $50 Amazon gift card reward, the referred business must sign up for five seats or more on the Timely service.
  • To be a valid, the referred party must not already be in our CRM and/or have purchased Timely in the past.
  • Only one gift card per referred business will be issued, regardless of the number of seats they sign up for.
  • The gift card will be issued to both the referrer and the referee after the referred business has made their first payment.
  • The referrer must have an active Timely account to be eligible for the gift card reward.
  • The gift card reward is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other products.
  • The gift card will be sent via email to the email address associated with the referrer's Timely account.
  • The Timely Refer a Friend Program is subject to change or discontinuation at any time, at the discretion of Timely.
  • Timely reserves the right to disqualify any referrer or referred business who violates these terms and conditions or engages in fraudulent activity.
  • By participating in the Timely Refer a Friend Program, you agree to these terms and conditions.