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Italian Verb Machine is a Flash-based application to help in learning Italian verb conjugations. While it is useful for looking up verb conjugations, the primary purpose of IVM is to allow users to type in verb forms and check them against the built-in database. You may use it online for free or download the application for Mac or Windows for offline use any time. Price for download app is now just $3. Click the Purchase link below for your operating system and download immediately.

What's New: Italian Verb Machine 3 includes over 500 verbs, an improved interface with a search feature and additional notes. There are more verb forms including reflexive, impersonal and pronominal examples and more irregular verb conjugations. The Full Screen button works on the download apps, but not online. The search function in the online Flash version now supports searching with English verbs as well as Italian. Try typing an English present tense verb or an infinitive (eat, to eat).

iPad users: Italian Verb Machine has been rewritten in javascript so the web version now runs on non-Flash platforms. This version is currently web-only (click WEBAPP-beta above). It may also function on iPhones and similar devices, though it has not been optimized for the smaller screens. While this version also works on desktop computers, sizes have been adjusted for touch screens resulting in possible scrolling on desktop screens.

Current version: IVM 3P. Use the contact link to send your comments or questions.

Miles DeCoster
June, 2012

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